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+10 rate 1. sound produced in the throat; expression; language
+3 rate 2. Voice of America;
+1 rate 3. voice recognition
+1 rate 4. also called Full Voice, in phonetics, the sound that is produced by the vibration of the vocal cords. All vowels are normally voiced, but consonants may be either voiced or voiceless (i.e., uttered without vibration of the vocal cords). The liquid consonant l and the nasal m, n, ng (as in sing) are normally voiced in English and the stops, fricatives and affricates characteristically possess both voiced and voiceless forms. In English, for example, b is a voiced bilabial stop, whereas p is a voiceless bilabial stop. Of the other stops, fricatives and affricates, v, d, th (as in this), z, zh (the sound of the s in pleasure), jó (as in jam) and g are normally all voiced sounds; while f, t, th (as in thin), s, sh, ch and k are all voiceless sounds.
+1 rate 5. v If you voice an opinion, idea or emotion, you say what you are thinking or feeling, usually with force. The opposition leader has repeatedly voiced 'grave doubts' about the wisdom of the attack. Leading educationalists have voiced their concern over the new proposals. I have on several occasions voiced my objections to the plan but I have consistently been ignored.
rate 6. raise an opinion; adjust the tone of
rate 7. voice recognition; Ability of computer systems to accept speech input and act on it or transcribe it into written language. Current research efforts are directed toward applications of automatic speech recognition (ASR), where the goal is to transform the content of speech into knowledge that forms the basis for linguistic or cognitive tasks, such as translation into another language. Practical applications include database-query systems, information retrieval systems and speaker identification and verification systems, as in telebanking. Speech recognition has promising applications in robotics, particularly development of robots that can "hear."
rate 8. In grammar, the form of a verb indicating the relation between the participants (subject, object) in a narrated event and the event itself. English grammar distinguishes between the active voice ("The hunter killed the bear") and the passive voice ("The bear was killed by the hunter"). In the active voice, the emphasis is on the subject of the active verb (the agent performing the action named), whereas the passive voice indicates that the subject receives the action.
rate 9. voice box
rate 10. voice mail
rate 11. that combined training originated by the Bene Gesserit which permits an adept to control others merely by selected tone shadings of the voice.
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