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+16 rate 1. passionate attraction; fondness, affection; enthusiasm, interest; one who is loved; object of one's enthusiasm; score of zero (in tennis, etc.); term of endearment (i.e. "sweetheart")
+15 rate 2. n Love means strong feelings of attraction towards and affection for another adult, or great affection for a friend or family member. Our love will last forever. Children need to be shown lots of love. " I'm seeing Laura next week. " " Oh, please give/send her my love" (= Tell her I am thinking about her with affection) . (informal) How's your love life (= your romantic and/or sexual relationships) these days? If you are in love (with someone), you feel strongly attracted to them and like them very much. I'm in love for the first time and it's wonderful. They're still madly in love (with each other) . Your love is a person that you love and feel attracted to. You are the love of my life (= the person I feel greatest love for) . (UK informal) ' Love' is also used as a friendly form of address. It is not often used by a man talking to another man. You look tired, love. (as form of address) That'll be four pounds exactly, my love. (as form of address) (informal) You also write 'love/love from/all my love' before your name at the end of letters and on presents to friends and family. If someone is love-struck, they are so in love with someone that it is difficult for them to behave as usual or even think of anything else except the person they love. Look at me, I'm behaving like a love-struck teenager! If you cannot get something, or if someone will not do something, for love (n) or money, it is impossible to obtain it or to persuade them to do it. You can't get hold of those tickets for love or money these days. I'm not getting on that aeroplane for love nor money. If two people who have a close loving relationship make love, they have sex. They made love for the first time that night. Love-making is sexual activity. (old use) To make love to someone is to speak romantically and give a lot of attention to them, esp. in order to make them love you. Mr Jackson, I do believe you are making love to me. If there is no/little love lost between two people, they do not like each other. Ever since they had that quarrel there's been no love lost between them. A love affair is a sexual relationship between two people who are not married to each other. Their secret love affair lasted seven years. (figurative) Her love affair with (= strong liking for) ballet began when she was ten. (dated) A love child is a child whose parents are not married to each other. (humorous) Love handles are the layer of fat around the middle of a person's body. A love letter is a letter that you write to someone that you are having a romantic relationship with.
+11 rate 3. have great affection for; feel a passionate attraction to; be fond of; hug and kiss; have sexual intercourse with; like a great deal, be enthusiastic about
+5 rate 4. Love Canal
+3 rate 5. Peacock Thomas Love;
+3 rate 6. testicles
+2 rate 7. American rock group formed in Los Angeles in the mid-1960s that was more popular with critics than with record buyers. The original members were Arthur Lee (born 1945, Memphis, Tenn., United States), Bryan MacLean (born 1947, Los Angeles, Calif., United Statesd. December 25, 1998), John Echols (born 1945, Memphis), Ken Forssi (born 1943, Cleveland, Ohio, United Statesd. February 10, 1998), Don Conka and Alban (Snoopy) Pfisterer (born 1947, Switzerland). Later members included Jay Donnellan, Frank Fayad, George Suranovitch and Tjay Cantrelli. At the centre of the band was Lee, an enigmatic personality, soulful vocalist and highly creative, if sometimes surreal, songwriter. He absorbed and transformed garage and Byrds-influenced folk rock styles on the band's first three albums, incorporating jazz, blues and psychedelic influences. Each of those albums generated a charting single, but the band's otherwise moderate sales little indicate Love's impact. Following the lush and much-beloved third album, Forever Changes (1968), a folk rock masterpiece, the band fragmented. Lee continued Love into the 1970s with new musicians, tending toward a heavier sound influenced by his friend Jimi Hendrix. An international cult of loyal fans supported Lee's later resurfacings in the 1980s and '90s. Craig Morrison
+1 rate 8. courtly love
rate 9. anagram vole
rate 10. born October 18, 1785, Weymouth, Dorset, Eng. died January 23, 1866, Lower Halliford, Middlesex; English novelist and poet. For most of his life Peacock worked for the East India Co. He was a close friend of Percy B. Shelley, who greatly inspired his writing. His best verse is interspersed in his novels, which are dominated by the conversations of their characters and satirize the intellectual currents of the day. His best-known work, Nightmare Abbey (1818), satirizes romantic melancholy and includes characters based on Shelley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Lord Byron.
rate 11. attachment, fondness, and devotion
rate 12. Everquest The state of being KOS to a specific type of mob. e.g. "That guy has gnoll love." cf. KOS, faction.
rate 13. no time
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